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Keychain Hook Attachments

Keychain hook attachments are small metal hooks that are attached to the key ring of a key chain. They are used to attach other objects, such as a flashlight, to the key chain. The key chain can then be easily carried around with all of the objects attached.

Keychain Hook Attachments

Spring Loaded Clasp

This spring-loaded clasp is very similar to the lobster clasp, but the opening switch is located on the back of the opening and the opening ring is larger than the lobster clasp.
Keychain Hook Attachments

Lobster Clasps

The Lobster Clasp differs from the Carabiner Clip in that it requires a switch to be pressed to open. The opening can be closed by simply undoing the switch.
Keychain Hook Attachments

Carabiner Clip

Also known as a D-ring spring loaded door. It is shaped like a letter ā€œDā€. The polished stainless steel design is perfect for adding some nice color.