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Production Process

01. Art proof

A digital proof is created and used for customer approval as well as reference throughout the production process.

02. CNC Engraving

Molds the metal surface to form the design. CNC machining is used to engrave your design on to the mold surface.

03. Detail Work

Metal craftsmen clean up,Measure,Smooth and polish the mould.

04. Mould

Stamping mould & die casting mould

* 05. Die Casting

* 05. Stamping

06. Polishing

The surface of the metal is polished until smooth.

07. Plating

Various plating colors can now be processed. The quality of plating varied with the length of time the metal is inmersed in the plating solution.

08. Filling color

The design indentations are carefully filled one color and placed to dry.

09. Quality inspection

All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed!

10. Assembly and packaging

Finish the products and attachment assembly and packaging according to customer requirements

11. Logistics transportation

We provide air, sea, express and other related international logistics transportation.

Why choose Us?

We produce buckle, keyring, keychain, cufflink, pin, bagaccessories, pendant, bracelet, ringand morein stainlesssteel, brass, titanium, alloyand sterling silver. From high-end products to economic promotional products.

As OEM /ODM factory, we produce high standard quality products against reasonable price and also offer worry-freecooperation from designing, sampling through delivery.

Over 11 Years Jewelry and Accessories
OEM /ODM manufacture experience;
Expert in both high end and economic end products; Official authorized Manufacturer for famous brands( from traditional Car Brands, trending Fashion Brands to Luxury Brands); Comprehensive service from designing through modeling, producing to final Packing/shelf- ready.

About BaiQu Manufacturing Factory

In 2009, BQ Group was set up and began its journey of traditional industry.3 years later, the known as Baique accessories which is part of BQ group’s investment was born, bringing creative engineers, experienced project managers and skillful team members together, to start the manufacturing factory lines for all kinds of jewelry and accessories.