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Belt buckles are a sort of well known accessory that can be utilized to flaunt individual style. Belt buckles come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Some belt buckles have metal pins on the back for simple connection to belt straps and some have clamps or screws.
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Customizable Belt Buckles Types

Take your business’ products to the next level with custom belt buckles. Create a classic look to represent your business and differentiate yourself from boring buckles. Whether or not your company is looking for a more creative brand, custom belt buckles are a great option.

Belt Buckles Styles

Belt buckles come in a variety of styles, but most often they are either rectangular or circular. Some buckles have elaborate designs on them, while others are very simple. The style of the buckle usually depends on the type of belt it is being used with. For instance, a dress belt will typically have a more intricate buckle than a belt that is worn with jeans.
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Customize Your Perfect Belt Buckles

Take your business’ products to the next level with custom belt buckles. Create a classic look to represent your business and differentiate yourself from boring buckles. Whether or not your company is looking for a more creative brand, custom belt buckles are a great option.

Belt Buckles Packaging

Use materials and technologies to create beautiful and effective presentations. The most common type of belt buckle packaging is cardboard boxes, which can design various patterns and images to attract customers.
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How to Create Your Custom Belt Buckle

Whether you’ve manufactured your own custom products before or this is your very first time creating something of your own, BaiQue makes it simple to unlock the power of seamless custom product manufacturing.

Need Help Creating Your Custom Belt Buckles?

Our friendly team is here waiting to aid you. Our team has many years of experience, and we will be able to help with any questions regarding our products. If you have any concerns, details, or issues, please reach out to us!

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What are custom belt buckles made of?

Belt buckles are majorly made of the following four metals:

Stainless Steel: Extremely strong base metal used to make belt buckles.

Titanium: The strongest yet ultra light metal to make belt buckle, but offers less possibility for creative ideas.

Brass/Copper: This metal is the best choice when complicated 3D engraving is required.

Zinc: This alloy can be used when small details and cuts are required for your custom belt buckles. Which is soft, less strong but economic choice.

Casting Belt Buckles:

Many buckles can be made by filling a mold with molten material. Casting brings unique details and textures, making it a great choice for images that require a sculpted look. Cast belt buckles tend to be lighter and more productive so pricing is more cost-effective.

Other processing:

Glazed, epoxy, CNC engraved and diamond cut edges are allowed on all metals.

How are belt buckles made?

Custom belt buckles are made of stainless steel, titanium, brass and zinc metal. Most belt buckles are made for companies looking to commercialize an activity, brands marketing or work belts for the military and law enforcement. Which metal is most commonly used? Stainless steel and brass buckles are the most common of all manufactured belt buckles because they are heavier, strong and durable. Brass is a slightly softer metal that allows for better detailing of any logo. Copper belt buckles are the best choice for design details that demand the highest quality and three-dimensional shape.

The process of making a belt buckle:

The most common way of making a custom belt buckle begins with your design and our customer service. Our artists will choose the most ideal choices for your project, including size, shape, color and engraving and so forth from that point, we’ll send you a confirmation for you to audit and endorse prior to accepting your request. A time to design an artwork typically just requires one day. Beginning today, we will offer a point by point quotation and we will give proof of quality example in only one day. Our completion times shift from 15 to 20 work days after advanced digital proofing is approved.

Custom Belt Buckle Options and Techniques

To manufacture any metal accessories, the first thing to do is to get a prototype (blanks) first. And there are several common and proven processes to obtain the prototypes.

Metal casting is the most mature, classic and commonly used technology for manufacturing metal accessories. For belt buckles, it is not an exception. Metal casting is the process of melting metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements, and pouring this liquid into the casting mold, after cooling and solidification, cleaning treatment to get a predetermined shape, size and expected performance of prototypes. Such a casting mold is what we usually call a mold. Casting blanks are nearly shaped to achieve the purpose of free machining or a small amount of addition machining to reduce the cost and to some extent reduce the time.

For some more complex form structure and relatively beautiful designed belt buckles, we can also take the die-casting process to manufacture. Die-casting is the process of molten metal being put in high pressure and high speed casting mold, then comes the crystallization under high pressure solidification process to form the prototypes. So in terms of precision, die-casting is more secure than casting.

On the contrary, if there is not much in the precision requirements of the simple belt buckle design, we can take the stamping process to gain the prototypes. Stamping process uses the die and stamping equipment to apply pressure to the plate material, so that the plate material get in deformation or separation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size of the prototypes. Stamping is a processing method with high productivity and low material consumption. This is the reason why the stamping process is used to obtain prototypes, which are more cost-effective.

In addition to these three very common processes for obtaining prototypes, we can also use CNC machining. Usually the prototypes obtained by CNC are already very close to the finished product. Because of the micron-level precision of CNC machining, this process is destined to take more time and labor, making it more costly to obtain prototypes.

After the prototypes are obtained by the above process, we have to rough polish and then fine polish them. For the polishing process, it includes the common brushing and mirror polishing.

After polishing, you can add the subsequent processing like enamel, oiling, laser, etching, PVD plating, etc. to make your belt buckle shine and amazing.

Common belt buckle sizes:

The favorite belt buckle size for most companies is 1.75 inches for mens belt buckles, 1.2” or 1.5” for women belt buckles and can be made into any custom shape and other size, either using a standard die press or casting, or CNC cut and polished for a mirror finish or bushed finish. Below are the three most commonly used belt buckle sizes.




Add enamel color

Glazing is the perfect way to enhance your art while still maintaining the logo. We offer soft and hard enamel and cloisonne for different types of designs.

Soft Enamel: Fills the recessed areas of the design while keeping the metal edges raised. We have a wide variety of colors and textures so you can only be limited by your imagination

Hard Enamel: One of the highest quality options we offer, with a smooth touch and a durable finish.

Plated belt buckle

Plating and epoxy give your coins different finishes and colors. The plating you choose can change the look and feel of your design. Epoxy protects and preserves your product. It can be applied in different thicknesses, from a thin protective layer to a thick dome layer. Includes epoxy finish to help prevent scratching, fading and tarnishing. We have a few different options:

Antique Plating: Our antique finishes are available in our most popular plating colors including Antique Copper, Bronze and Silver.

Bright plating is a bright coating on the base metal and can be done in gold, copper, silver and black.

Double Plating: By adding a secondary metal surface, double plating designs are often ordered when insignia, three-dimensional areas, and recessed areas are required. This option works on any of our products, and although the application of additional plating adds a few days to the order, the results are extraordinary.

Both PVD plating and electroplating are available in BaiQue factory.

Custom Shaped Belt Buckles

Special shapes follow your design. We can make it no matter what shape it is, even if it contains a cropped area. Typically, buckles are casted in stainless steel, brass or zinc, which can be minted if the design is primarily three-dimensional. We can also adjust the thickness from side to side and even make the profile follow the arch. Use speckled epoxy on individual colors to create a unique image, leaving other areas free of epoxy. If you want to create a product that is both convenient and unique, we can help you design a specially shaped buckle and plated in any colors you expect. Talk to one of our talented and experienced artists to start creating your designs.

Adding texture is a great way to create dimension and contrast. We offer unlimited texture options for various backgrounds which can be added as part of the mold.

Textures include sandblasting, checkerboard patterns, and more. Work with one of our talented designers to choose the style that best suits your work.

How much does it cost to make a custom belt buckle?

The price of a custom belt buckle depends on the type of metal you choose. Adding elements such as soft enamel or hard enamel also affects the pricing of the project. Basic designs cost between $5 and $6, and die fees are priced by size based on the details they will be made into. Pricing also includes other options like plating, epoxy, lasering, etching and functional parts etc.

Where can I buy a custom belt buckle?

The BaiQue Company has been manufacturing and casting belt buckles for over ten years. We create belt buckles for companies that want to do business with high quality, low cost, and a high level of service. Our production factory is located in Guangdong, China, you can choose any company that provides belt buckle production services and compare our products to get the highest quality. Requesting a quality sample is usually the first step so you can see first-hand what kind of craftsmanship our product is going through; this will also allow us to determine how best to meet your needs as well!

How to identify the type of belt buckle?

Stitched Buckles
Use: Standard Belts (Single Side)
Stitched buckle a is a metal fastener that comprises of two sections, a molded like a crescent with an opening in the center. The smaller piece goes through the opening in the bigger part, and when it is pulled tight, they lock together to form a secure closure. Stitching is normally used to keep the two pieces together, and the stitching can be beautifying or it very well might be to reinforce the association of the finish of the belt to the next piece of calfskin. Yet, once in a while paste or rivets are used instead.

Clip on Clamp Buckles
Use: Reversible Belts (Double Face)
And Standard Belts Buckle structure that comprises of two sections, which are generally associated by pins or screws and can be opened involving a lever for simple evacuation. Since they clamp the belt together for securing reason, keeping the belt from slipping or releasing. The clips are utilized to keep the ends of the belt together. They use teeth that snap onto the bar end, which can be pivoted in a double-sided belt. Clamp structure can be used on both men’s and women’s belts, however the vast majority use clamp buckles on leans.

Screw-in Buckles
Use: Reversible Belts (Double Face)
And Standard Belts is Screw-in Buckles is a clasp with one or more screws used to secure i to a bar on main frame of the buckle. The screw portion of the belt buckle can be tightened and loosened by turning a screwdrivet, which in turn tightens or loosens the belt. One of the reasons people choose this buckle over the other is that it is easier to adjust than other types of buckles.

Screw-hold Buckles
Use: Standard Belts
Screw-hold buckles with a belt, includes an open end which is cutto-size and afterward secured to the buckle by at least one screws. Otherwise called screw closure buckle or Chicago screws hold belt buckles, which permits consumers to exchange the belts uninhibitedly. They have a screw that you put in from the back and it holds the two ends together. The first use for these buckles were for horse saddles, but now they are mainly used for belts.

Press-stud Buckles
Use: Standard Belts
Press-studs are phenomenal answer for those who needs to fit a belt, yet doesn’t have any desire to sew anything. A press-stud buckle is essentially equivalent to a sewn clasp with the special case that it’s appended to the belt bar/pole with at least one buttons. The most amazing aspect of these clasps is they’re basic and fast to install!

Anchor (Snap-on) Buckles
Use: Reversible Belts (Double Face)
Anchor buckles structure, in any case n called snap on buckle, is connected by installing the strap onto the buckle back loop and securing the pin in the buckle opening. This type is apparently the most cost saving and straightforward one as it leaves out the assembling work in the production line however completely hand over the TO job to consumers that with only several seconds to manage.

Belt Buckles We Have Created For Customers Like You

Our goal is to help you design the most unique belt buckle on the market. These are just some products produced by our company so far.

Custom Made Belt Buckles

We design and manufacture belt buckles for brands, distributors, corporations and the military. As a trusted belt buckle manufacturer, our graphic artists can continuously create high quality designs, furthermore finishing and protecting them with polishing as well as PVD plating to bring out the best in your design. Our factory’s advanced equipments, experienced workers, and strict management system are a solid guarantee of your perfect product.

Design Your own Belt Buckle

Take your business’ products to the next level with custom belt buckles. Create a classic look to represent your business and differentiate yourself from boring buckles. Whether or not your company is looking for a more creative brand, custom belt buckles are a great option.

When you use belts to promote your business, people often think that you are limited to simple design details. When you work with us, your options are never limited to ensure your products always stand out. That’s why we offer a wide variety of custom belt buckles, so you’ll never get lost in a crowd.

Imagine what it would be like when your logo, business name, tagline and brand message were expressed on a cool belt buckles. A belt buckle is a piece of jewelry usually attached to a belt, and using custom belt buckles will let consumers know that your company chooses to use high-quality products! We even offer different metals, colors, shapes and finishes to suit any taste or budget. Make you more personal.

  • Every project is custom designed and made with your logo.
  • Logos can be laser or etching processed and made into darker logos.
  • We can fill any embossed logo with color.
  • Enamel can be added to metal buckles.
  • Print designs can include your logo with no metal between colors.
  • Not sure which style to choose? Please ask us for a free design consultation.

Custom Belt Buckles with Your Brand

Custom belt buckles with a brand are a way to show off the company’s logo or design.Buckle designs are frequently famous images or expressions of a singular’s favorite team, personality or association, for example, Texas belt buckles with Texas components like cowboy, hunter and flag on it.

Custom Belt Buckle Manufacturer

As a belt buckle manufacturer, our custom belt buckles are manufactured in an unending blend of styles, shapes and materials. Our imaginative group will work with you to make creative designs and guarantee your thoughts become a reality. You may choose any processes to produce your items here, for example, laser work, etching, enamel filling, gemstones setting, extraordinary shapes or die-cut edges. If you want a texture, we can add it to your mold for a really remarkable one-of-a-kind custom belt buckle.

Personalized Western Belt Buckles

Embossing your business name or personalised logo into a metal belt buckle is a subtle, stylish and effective way to gain awareness for your brand. Press your design into the bucket to create raised and recessed areas. This creates an elegant and subtle embossed detail that is a timeless finishing touch.

For brands whose style speaks for itself, engraved belt buckles are an excellent choice, rather than being flashy to grab the attention of customers and clients.

  • We can color fill any embossed logo.
  • Enamel can be added to metal emblems.
  • Printed designs can include your logo without metal between the colors.
  • Color-filled and finished using either a soft or hard ename
  • Metal belt buckles with metal emblems, a sophisticated combination of materials
  • Logos can be lasered and made to have a darker logo.
  • Full color printed with a leather attachment
  • Custom-shaped
  • Gold plating or silver plating finish with PVD or electroplating
  • Stainless steel, brass, titanium or zinc
  • Laser engraved or embossing imprinting method