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Make your own personalized cufflinks for your brand

If you’re looking for high end cufflinks for your brands, factory pre-produced options may not be the best fit for you. Here’s where custom cufflinks come in. Personalize the cufflinks you use for your company’s formal wear by adding customized touches that reflect your brand identity.

Create Custom Cufflinks

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Quick Facts About Custom Products


High-quality customized products, exclusive pricing according to your requirements.

Minumum Order Quantity

We support you by start with a flexible MOQ policy.

Turnaround Time

2-6+ weeks, from order placement to delivery.

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The Basic Cufflink: How It Works

Front Face – the visible part of the cufflink featuring varying attractive designs

Toggle – the bottom part that rotates to lock the cufflink in place

Post – attaches the front face and the toggles which goes through the cuff holes

Parts of a Cufflink​

There are three main parts to a cufflink: the Front Face, the post, and the toggle.

Cufflinks are an ornament with a very long history, it has been around for more than a hundred years. As a result, the cufflinks available on the market are actually colorful and varied in shape and structure. It is because of this colorfulness and variety that people have come up with plenty of conflicting and confusing definitions for the various forms of cufflinks. From an industrial manufacturing perspective, we decided to define the construction of cufflinks in terms of the smallest component unit that needs to be made into a cufflink. Basically, the face, the connnector (what we industrial producers call the leg) and the back are the three essential units that make up a cufflink. Any other additions are made to make these three basic components better, either to add more convenience or to add more decoration. Read the following analysis from an industrial point of view and you will gain a lot.

Create Fully Customizable Cufflinks

There are no factory pre-produced cufflinks here. Work with the world’s most professional cufflink manufacturers to provide everything from design to color to packaging and more for your custom luxury cufflinks.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be able to customize when you work with BaiQue:

Decorative Materials for Cufflinks

Give your cufflinks an extra special touch with these optional cufflinks in the more common materials shown on the front.
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Carbon Fiber Cufflinks
Carbon fiber is very popular and is very common in all-metal cufflinks, especially in modern designs.
Fabric Cufflinks
Made from a variety of different fabrics. Fabric cufflinks are a popular choice for people who want a unique and stylish look.
Mother of Pearl Cufflinks
The iridescent luster of mother of pearl gives these cufflinks a unique and beautiful look, and they are sure to get noticed.
Enamel Cufflinks
Enamel can be used to create any color or pattern design on a metal surface. It is often used to create designs or logos.
Crystal Cufflinks
Some brands choose crystal to express their appreciation of fine craftsmanship or their love of luxury.
Glass Cufflinks
Glass is available in a variety of coloring options. Colored glass is usually casual, but varies by design.
Onyx Cufflinks
A crystal form of quartz, available in a variety of shades, is often used as a black material for dress cufflinks.
Wood Cufflinks
Unlike classic materials, wood has a warm, rustic tone and always has a completely unique grain pattern.
Leather Cufflinks
Leather makes for a unique and fun accessory. It is a great way to add character and show off your personality.
Gemstone Cufflinks
Gemstones are obviously a high-end option, with styles ranging from austere and simple to downright gorgeous.
Semi-Precious Stones Cufflinks
Cufflinks made from semi-precious stones can be very beautiful and unique. Adding a touch of luxury to cufflinks.
White Color Cufflinks
White cufflinks are a popular choice for formal occasions as they are considered a more subtle color than black.
Engravable Cufflinks
Engravable cufflinks are a type of jewelry that can be customized with text or graphics. and the customization is typically done with a laser engraver.

How to Create Your Custom Cufflinks

Whether you’ve manufactured your own custom products before or this is your very first time creating something of your own, BaiQue makes it simple to unlock the power of seamless custom product manufacturing.

Step 1: Start With The Basics
Select your perfect pair of cufflinks’s dimensions and how many to order. Characteristically, the smaller the cufflinks are and the more you purchase, the less expensive they will be, but once our minimum order quantity has been reached, you can affordably test out a small sample of a new design.
Step 2: Fill in the Details
Customize every aspect of your order, including the packaging. Do you need customized support cards to be consumer ready for your retail business? We’ll create them for you.
Step 3: Submit Your Designs
Upload your own designs. If you need help bringing your ideas to life, or if you have any artwork you would like to include, please contact us for a free service. We’ll turn your ideas into expert-quality merchandise in no time.
Step 4: Evaluate the Initial Sample
When you place an order, we will make a physical prototype of your model before mass production. And send you a digital sample or physical prototype for review to make sure you are happy with it.
Step 5: Receive Your Cufflinks
If you need your shipment urgently, choose DHL’s expedited air freight delivery service. We believe in our products so much that all of our custom products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for Help Creating Custom Cufflinks?

Our friendly team is here waiting to aid you. Our team has many years of experience, and we will be able to help with any questions regarding our products. If you have any concerns, details, or issues, please reach out to us!

Chat with a Cufflinks Expert

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about how to customize cufflinks
What is the standard size of cufflinks?

Most of the cufflinks we carry measure 1-2 cm (3/8-13/16 inch). There is no standard size for cufflinks. That’s because each design is unique. We consider the designer’s personal preference and your brand’s style to be more important than standard sizes.

What are the different types of cufflinks you offer?

We support a variety of custom cufflink backs, the following are the most common fixtures for our custom cufflinks.

Torpedo and bullet shaped backs are frequently used by our customers. Torpedo and bullet shaped backs are very simple to use, they utilize a simple rotation mechanism. Simply flip the buckle vertically 90 degrees into the post and slide it through the cuff. After passing through the cuff again, the back clasp is finally flipped 90 degrees to secure it in place.

Whale back snaps lock back snaps similarly in that they are first placed flat on a straight post and then inserted into the cuff. The tail is then flipped back to secure the cufflinks. Unique designs and your brand logo can be added to these back snaps, making them a popular choice for personalizing luxury cufflink brands.

Fixed back clasps usually have a curved post and act as a solid structure because the back clasp will not move. Inserting the cuff can be difficult as there are no parts to move, but it allows us to add unique designs and brand logos to the backing. The fixed back closure can also be designed to be reversible, leaving you with a variety of wearing options.

Chains are the classic cufflink backing. A small chain connects the two sides of the cufflinks, leaving the wearer with a variety of options as to which side to display. This style may require a little more effort to wear (similar to a fixed back button), but they are more suitable for wearing on loose cuffed shirts.

What is the best materials to make personalized cufflinks?

Cufflinks are majorly made of the following commonly seen metals:

Stainless Steel: Extremely strong base metal used to make cufflinks. Perfect match for high quality cufflinks.

Titanium: The strongest yet ultra light metal to make cufflinks, but offers less possibility for creative ideas, as it is too hard to do regular processes like etching, engraving etc.

Brass/Copper: This metal is the best choice when complicated 3D engraving is required, as it is softer but still strong enough.

Zinc: This alloy can be used when small details and cuts are expected for your custom cufflinks. Which is soft, less solid but economic choice.

Silver: Mostly refers to sterling silver. Needs to be plated with strong coating like rhodium.

Gold: Usually use 14k gold to make cufflinks.

Based on BaiQue team’s experience, if your cufflinks project is geared towards a customer base that is very cost conscious and your project is more detailed and colorful, we recommend that you use copper/brass to produce your custom cufflinks. And if you have high requirements for the overall durability of the cufflinks, the precision of the structure, the fit between the parts and the solidity of the plating, then stainless steel is undoubtedly the best choice. In our factory, there is no such thing as the best material, only the most suitable one – depending on the requirements of your project. Of course, although we can make cufflinks from every material to the extreme, our favorite material is stainless steel.

What accessories should cufflinks have to deserve to be called luxury cufflinks?

To make a luxury cufflinks, first we can consider starting with high-end materials, such as gold cufflinks and silver cufflinks.

Secondly, for accessories as face piece for cufflinks, many high-end brands will choose real gemstones, diamonds and some rare materials such as meteorite pieces as well as amber. In terms of plating, silver cufflinks are generally plated with rhodium, which makes them durable to a high level, while rhodium is also a representative of precious materials.

And a very sophisticated design, with a lot of small accessories, the mechanical cooperation between each other requires a high and obvious sense of technology cufflinks, is also a kind of luxury cufflinks.

Is there cufflinks that can be used on a shirt already has buttons?

Technically speaking, there is a type of cufflinks called button cover cufflinks that allow people clip them around the actual buttons on shirt.

Usually, people don’t use button cover cufflinks alone, but in a cufflinks and stud set, and in our factory, our team has a lot of experience in manufacturing these special structure cufflinks.

The core manufacturing issues for these cufflinks are the durability of the structure itself, the control of the elastic strength and the choice of materials for the elastic spring structure.

We have almost redefined the structure so that it meets the basic needs of use, but also takes into account the smoothness of opening and closing, sufficient elasticity and silent performance.

To balance these factors, we developed dozens of molds for this purpose. This dedication to craftsmanship is what keeps us moving forward and at the forefront of the industry.

How do you manufacture and assemble my customized cufflinks?

To customize a cufflink in your brand style, you first need to understand the positioning of your current cufflink project, such as a luxury cufflink or one that is geared towards your client’s demographic, such as a groom or best man cufflink.

Many customers ask us what materials make the best cufflinks. There is no standard answer to this question. In our factory, stainless steel, copper, titanium, zinc alloy, silver, gold and other materials can be used to make cufflinks.

From an industrial point of view, the material that offers the most variety and is most preferred by craftsmen and designers is undoubtedly stainless steel. Stainless steel cufflinks are not only durable, they are also much better than other materials in terms of texture performance and workability.

Of course, we also often use brass and zinc alloys for our clients’ economic cufflinks projects. For cufflinks projects that are worthy of luxury from material to accessories, we use silver and rhodium plating, as well as gold as the basic material, and match with some real stones or rare accessories such as meteorite fragments.

Once the material and accessory issues are resolved, we have to consider whether the design of the custom cufflinks itself is complex and demanding in terms of details and component fitting. If the design is simple, our factory usually uses casting or die-casting methods to produce the prototypes of most of the parts of the cufflinks.

For complex designs, we will generally work with multiple CNC machining to ensure that the details and parts fit together very well.

The process of making customized cufflinks:

The process of customizing your cufflink projects is simple. First, we will assign the most experienced designers and craftsmen in our factory to work with you online using a live chat tool to optimize your design. After the design is finalized, we will make the molds and roughs for the first round of sample submissions.

Once the quality and details of the first or multiple rounds of samples are approved by you, we can proceed with the production of large quantities. If your project is in a hurry, we can also consider the materials, accessories and processes of the product at the design stage, and after confirming the design and getting your approval, we can prepare the materials at the sample development stage and wait for the complete sample to be approved for quick mass production. In our factory, we can arrange your requirements flexibly.

Assemble your customized cufflinks with cares:

We have a special assembly line to assemble all the accessories. For products with more parts and details like cufflinks, the assembly tools and configurations are more complex and detailed.

The most important thing in the process of assembling cufflinks is to seal the film to protect each accessory that needs to be combined so as not to bring scratches to the surface of all the accessories during the assembly process of manual operation.

When gluing accessories on the face of the cufflinks, such as some stones or pieces of wood, great care should be taken not to spill the glue and contaminate the rest of the cufflinks. We usually have to do several times of polishing on the parts that involve welding to remove welding marks.

Workers need to be especially careful when assembling the toggle back structure to protect the recessed locations, because these locations are so small that if they are unfortunately scratched, it will take a lot of effort to deal with the scratches again.

Can you produce custom cufflink packaging boxes?

Absolutely! custom cufflink branding packaging is important because it can help differentiate your company’s cufflinks from those of your competitors. Good packaging can also make a cufflink brand more attractive to consumers, which can help drive sales.
We can produce custom branded boxes exclusively for your brand. Please visit our Custom Packaging page for more information on custom designs.

Cufflinks Made by Customers

Trying to imagine the end result of your cufflink project? Check out these awesome cufflinks created by past clients through a collaboration with BaiQue.

High Quality Corporate Gifts & China Made Products

It is well known that the global manufacturing center is located in China. In this amazing country, high quality manufacturing has become mainstream. In our factory, the complete equipment, first-class facilities and professional team are the guarantee of confidence that you can customize high-end accessories. We have separate lines for high-end jewelry and accessories, and one for economic products. Since our establishment, BaiQue team has produced more than one billion pieces products for the world’s leading brands and companies and many distributors, importors etc. Give us your designs, ideas and concepts and we will bring you amazing quality products. Customizing your cufflinks here, as well as countless other designs, is a very wise decision on your part!

Design Your Own Cufflinks Online

As a cufflink manufacturer, our custom cufflinks come in an endless array of styles, shapes, structures, accessories and materials for fabrication. Our team of professionals will work directly with you to develop creative solutions to ensure your ideas become a reality. You can choose any of the crafts to create your order here, such as casting, stamping, engraving, enamel filling, gem setting and more. We have been working in the jewelry and accessories field for more than 10 years and we are ready to come up with new ideas for your brand.

Create Custom Cufflink Designs for Your Brand

Custom cufflinks are a great way to show off personality and style of your brand. Cufflinks are also a great way to show support for favorite team or superhero that people will buy for such an idealistic concept. If you’re looking for high end cufflinks for your brands, factory pre-produced options may not be the best fit for you. Here’s where custom cufflinks come in. With the help of us, you can employ creative ingenuity to successfully cover your unconventional cufflinks requirements for luxury cufflinks, personalized cufflinks, wedding cufflinks, suit cufflinks, or tuxedo cufflinks – using our services, you will feel reassured as you are in the right place to finish your projects.

Custom Engraved Cufflinks – Newer High-tech Laser Engraving

Whether you’re looking for custom high end cufflinks or economical custom cufflinks, you can rest easy and leave your design to us for the rest of the work. We have been in the industry for over a decade, and we are very professional and thorough in the manufacturing of jewelry. We have worked with customers from all over the world, large and small, who are invariably satisfied with the quality of our work. Come here for custom engraved cufflinks, custom name cufflinks, or custom Sterling silver cufflinks, etc. and enjoy consistent and comfortable service. To make your custom project even better, please exchange ideas with our professional design and production teams, and you can feel free to venture into your creation.