Custom Logo Cufflinks

We manufacture cufflinks in custom shapes and with and without enamel color. Made to order in days and designed with your logo.

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks

Emblematic jewelry has been worn for many years as a way of expressing yourself or representing a group you believe in or belong to. They are used as a way to tell the world who you are and what’s important to you. These fine pieces of emblematic jewelry are custom cufflinks.

Emblematic jewelry is a term that typically describes a custom-made piece of jewelry that has a logo or message on it. It became especially popular during the 60s when peace charms became a popular and internationally recognized symbol. In more recent years cufflinks with company logos have become popular as a form of branding and advertising. Even custom-made cufflinks are still in fashion for men.

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Custom Printed Cufflinks

Emblematic Jewelry With Your Logo

However, the real star when it comes to emblematic jewelry is custom cufflinks. This piece of jewelry is meant to be worn with pride and dignity. They can be collected, traded, or given as gifts or awards. Cufflinks also commonly thought of being used for recognition or awareness product. One of the reasons for the growing success of these pieces is that they are perfect for promotion and branding because people can identify with them and use them as a fashion statement.

Custom Designed Cufflinks

Designing a custom cufflink is an easy and enjoyable process. Simply choose and emblem – something that is close to your heart. You will be given a free graphic artist at the BaiQue accessories to work with to help create a unique design and choose materials. Then let us work our magic, and voila – you will have the perfect cufflink for you to keep and share with all your friends and family and co-workers!

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Enamel Cufflink Design

Cufflinks Bring a Sense of Style to Your Brand

Wearing cufflinks means not only turning a moment into a special occasion but also wanting to bring a touch of style. Custom cufflinks take that a step further by offering a way of expressing your individual personality right on your sleeve. Maybe you are a member of an elite organization or you have a particular hobby or belong to a fandom. Cufflinks are a subtle but effective symbol of those affiliations or likes. BaiQue accessories can help you design just the right custom cufflinks to suit your needs. They have over 30 years of experience in the industry and are ready to help you get creative.

Custom Made Cufflinks in Bulk

The BaiQue accessories can design custom made cufflinks with your logo. Made with soft or hard enamel or even cloisonne. Logo cufflinks can be designed in any shape or size and made in small quantities as well as in bulk. Request a quote and we will follow up with you and provide you with a free design proof. Our designs can be made with your logo and plated in one of our many finishes including gold, silver and copper plating.

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Tie Clips Custom

Custom Tie Clips & Tie Tacks

Tie clip styles are numerous, ranging from simple and antiqued to colorful and fun. When customizing a tie tack for your business, consider the type of people who will be wearing your creation, and which style will work best with your brand or logo. For elegant designs or logos with details that stand out with or without color contrast, consider three-dimensional pieces with gold, silver, or bronze plating. These tie tacks have a timeless, antique feel that will add subtle flair to a tie and jacket ensemble, and are perfect as gifts for fundraising galas and promotional events. For more playful logo designs, think about adding enamel color or unique shapes and finishes. For the best results, work with a trained Monterey Company artist to design the perfect tie clip for your company’s needs.

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