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Silver-Tone Stainless Steel & Red Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring

Available on backorder

This matte finish men’s band features a wave shaped groove, which separates one black diamond and one white diamond surface set in the ring.

We love to take custom orders. If you have your own ideas for a design, please contact us.

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Black Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring
Blue Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring
Purple Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring
Red Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring
White Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring
Yellow Zirconia Fleur-De-Lys Ring


Our step-by-step custom design process makes it simple to bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life.

Step 1

Our designers use your ideas, drawings, and images to visualize your exclusive design concept.

Step 2

We create a wax model or computerized rendering of your design and make any final adjustments.

Step 3

Your ring is crafted and your vision becomes a reality.

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