Buckle One-Stud

A component that serves to secure the inactive end of the strap or belt and also to fastening the adjustable tip of belt or strap once it has been threaded through the buckle into the hole of the belt. Also known as pin anchor post.

  • The most simple and minimalist design.
  • Lightweight for comfortable wearing.
  • Affordable for projects on a budget.
  • More flexible design possibilities due to minimalist single pin.
  • Works with double sided belt to become reversible belt buckle.
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Why popular

If you need a secured system that combines lightness, simplicity, and quick release to keep your belt and buckle project in line with the minimalist style, then the one-stud pin anchor securing system is the way to go. With this type of secured system, it simply passes an extended pin through the hole of the inactive tip of the belt to be secured, and then it can become a locking/fastening system again to lock the adjustable tip of the belt. The delightful thing about this system, so to speak, is that it is a belt secured system, but it is also a belt locking/fastening system! What makes this system even more appealing to many brands is that it is also the base system for a super minimalist reversible belt and buckle. As long as you pair it with a reversible belt, this system can easily be transformed into a reversible belt and buckle!

Things that important when you design a one stud buckle

In designing a one-stud pin anchor securing system for a belt and buckle project, we should pay close attention to the thickness of the belt to be matched, as this determines the height of the pin. Usually, the pin is designed as two sections like a bamboo joint, one of which is for the securing of the inactive tip of belt and the top section is for the locking of the adjustable tip of belt. The top section of the pin will have a welded or screwed ball head that is designed to hold the hole in the belt firmly when the belt is locked. Since the system itself is this pin, there are no other components, so it is a perfect match for the minimalist belt and buckle project. Despite this simplicity, the system itself has a flaw, that is, when the belt is fixed and locked, there are only two single hole position to generate interaction between the force, and the contact area of these two position is very small and make the belt subject to greater tensile strength, so that the holes for the fixed and locked position is more likely to be pulled badly and lead to damage. These are the technical points that our Baique accessories team reminds our customers to pay attention to.


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