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Types of Belt Buckles

There are a variety of belt buckles on the market, but they can generally be classified into four categories: military, western, dress, and novelty. Military belt buckles are typically made from brass or stainless steel and depict an emblem or badge of the armed forces. Western belt buckles are elaborately designed and often feature silver or gold overlay. They are commonly used to hold up jeans or cowboy boots.

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What Are the Types of Belt Buckles?

Belt buckles come in all shapes and sizes, but can generally be classified into two categories: functional and decorative. Functional belt buckles are used to hold up pants, while decorative belt buckles are used purely for aesthetic purposes. Within these two categories, belt buckles can be further subdivided into different types based on their design. Some common types of belt buckles include the slide buckle, the prong buckle, and the clasp buckle.

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