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Belt Buckle Process

For personality-packed designs you just can’t pin down. Take your belt buckles to the next level with optional upgrades.

BaiQue Company
We Are a Buckles Manufacturer. We understand exactly what you are looking for!

How Do They Make Belt Buckles?

The process of making belt buckles begins with the design of the buckle. This is typically done by a graphic designer who will create a vector file of the buckle. Once the design is complete, a machinist will use a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to carve the buckle out of metal. The machinist will also create the holes for the belt and add any text or other details to the buckle.

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BaiQue is a custom product manufacturer that can help you promote your business, organization or event with the highest quality logo products. If you are looking for a company that offers unique custom products to meet your needs, then contact us.

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