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Custom lapel pins are a very important daily wear item for brands, and some great custom lapel pins can bring in a significant consumer base for brand sales and drive sales of other accessories within the brand.

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Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball trading pins are a popular collectible item for baseball fans. They are small pins that feature a player’s name and number, as well as the team’s logo. Most teams issue trading pins to their fans at home games. Fans can trade these pins with other fans in order to collect a set of all…

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What is the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel lapel pins?

In general, the most obvious difference between soft enamel and soft enamel lapel pins is their appearance. The soft enamel filled lapel pins are dried in an oven at approximately 100 degrees Celsius, and because soft enamel is not polished after the filling of the lapel pins, the raised metal line necessary to achieve the filling is clearly visible. On the other hand, hard enamel filled lapel pins require further polishing, so the surface of such lapel pins is polished flat without the embossed effect of a raised metal line.

You should also pay attention to the plating order of soft enamel and hard enamel.
Hard enamel lapel pins need to be polished, so they can only be plated after polishing. And since hard enamel materials can withstand high temperatures of up to about 700 degrees Celsius, we can apply PVD plating to hard enamel lapel pins.

As for the soft enamel lapel pins, we usually fill them with soft enamel after plating and then dry the soft enamel in the oven.

What is the most ideal type of lapel pins backing?

You can read more about the various common backings in more detail later in this page. In general, the ideal backing is one that does not come off easily and is easy to wear. In this case, from our BaiQue team’s experience, the ideal backings would be the butterfly clutch and the deluxe clutch.

How do you handle my rush order for lapel pins?

Our factory does not always recommend customers to place orders in haste, and make the production affected by some minor trouble in the restricted time.
However, if you have a physical sample of the lapel pins you want to produce that you are satisfied with for our production department to reproduce, or if your design involves a very clear and uncomplicated production process, we can accept a rush order.
Even if it is a rush order, BaiQue factory also follows the strict quality control standards, if the product does not meet the standards due to some uncontrollable factors, we will not hastily deliver the goods to you.
For rush order, we first consider the capacity scheduling situation carefully, and then insert these rush orders according to the progress of other orders that can be coordinated with shipping time.

Custom any lapel pins

Every year, BaiQue factory produces millions of lapel pins for our customers, and these products include any type of lapel pins that can be found in the market. our team is well known in the Chinese jewelry supplier circle for producing high quality jewelry and accessories, so any type of lapel pins can be custom-made by us without any problem. Our excellent production team, perfect management of the whole process, advanced equipment and strict quality requirements are your strong backing.

Make your custom lapel pins unique

From our wide range of craft types, combinations and accessories, choose your favorites to add to your inspiration and design unique lapel pins that match your brand’s style and taste.Working with our BaiQue team, you’ll draw from our extensive industry experience, making it fun and easy to take your project from the drawing board to reality. Just simply tell us your ideas and let us do the rest.