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Custom Keychains Manufacturer

The possibilities for custom keychains are endless

Custom keychains are the ideal preffered artifact for corporate events to showcase your brand and marketing promotions. Add brand appeal with a rich selection of matching colors, materials and accessories to create all the keychain design possibilities that fit your brand image.

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Stainless steel Split Ring

The split ring is a metal ring that is divided in two so that it can be opened and keys or other objects can be attached. This keychain is a simple and practical way to keep keys together and organized.

Swivel Attachment for Key Chains

Swivel attachment for key chains are small metal parts that allow a key chain to spin freely. This is beneficial because it prevents the keys from becoming tangled and makes them easier to access. Swivel attachments are often made of brass or steel, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can…

Stainless Steel Round Jump Ring

This keychain part is made of stainless steel and is in the form of a round jump ring. It is perfect for attaching keys to a ring or for use as a keychain fob. The ring is sturdy and corrosion-resistant, making it a great choice for keychain parts.

Rounded Top Triangle Jump Ring

The jump ring is used to connect the two parts together, and the keychain can be used to attach keys or other items. The design of the keychain allows it to be easily carried and makes it more difficult for keys to fall out.

Triangle Jump Ring

Triangle Jump Ring Keychains are a popular keychain design that uses three jump rings in a triangular formation. This design is both visually appealing and sturdy, making it a popular choice for keychains. The three rings are linked together to form the keychain, and the keyring is attached to the top ring.

Circle Jump Ring

The ring keychain is composed of two metal rings that are connected by a Jump Ring. The rings can be opened and used as a keychain, or they can be closed to form a circle.

Ball Chain

A ball chain is a type of jewelry that consists of a series of small, metal balls connected together by thin, metal chains. The chains can be worn either around the neck or as a bracelet. Ball chains are often used to create custom jewelry designs, and they are also popular as charms on keychains…

Titanium Split Rings

Titanium split rings are a type of metal ring that is made out of titanium. They are often used in jewelry and other types of crafts because they are strong and durable. Additionally, titanium split rings can be opened and closed easily, which makes them a popular choice for projects that require a quick and…

Stainless steel Split Ring

A stainless steel split ring is a type of fastener that is made from stainless steel. It consists of two metal rings that are connected by a metal rod. The rings can be opened and closed to attach or remove the object that they are holding.

Triangles Keychain

A triangle keychain is a small plastic or metal chain that holds three keys. It is usually attached to a key ring. Triangle keychains are often used as promotional items or giveaways. They are also popular as souvenirs from tourist destinations.

Square Keychain

A square keychain is a small, metal keychain that is in the shape of a square. They are often used to hold keys together or to attach a key ring to a purse or other item. Square keychains are popular because they are simple and easy to use, and they can be customized with logos…

Circle Keychain

Circle keychains are a type of keychain that is shaped like a circle. They are often used as promotional items or souvenirs, and can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Circle keychains are popular among tourists, as they can be used to easily identify keys that are for different…

Wooden keychain

Wooden keychains are a popular item for key holders and as a souvenir. They are often carved with intricate designs and symbols. Some people believe that wooden keychains have special powers, such as protecting the owner from harm or bringing good luck.

Crystal keychain

A crystal keychain is a small, decorative item that is typically made from glass or crystal. It is often used to hold a set of keys together and can be attached to a key ring. Crystal keychains are popular souvenirs and are often given as gifts. They are also used as promotional items by businesses.

Carabiner keychain

A carabiner keychain is a metal key ring that has a spring-loaded clip on one end and a metal loop on the other. The clip is used to attach the keychain to a belt loop or other object, and the loop is used to attach keys or other objects. Carabiner keychains are often used as…

Wristband keychain

A wristband keychain is a type of keychain that is typically worn on the wrist. It is made up of a band that wraps around the wrist and a key ring that hangs down from the band. The key ring is used to attach keys to the keychain. Wristband keychains are popular among people who…

Embroidery keychain

This keychain is made from a piece of embroidery fabric that has been folded in half and sewn together. The keyring is attached to the top of the keychain, and a small piece of fabric is used to cover the raw edges of the fabric. This keychain is a fun and decorative way to keep…

Floating keychain

A floating keychain is a small, lightweight object that is attached to a key ring and can be used to identify keys. The object is usually made of plastic or metal and is designed to float in water, making it easier to find if it falls into a body of water.

Printing keychain

The printing keychain is a small, metal keychain that has a printing surface on one side. This surface can be used to print text or images using a standard inkjet printer. The keychain is designed to be portable, so it can be taken with you wherever you go. It is also lightweight, so it won't…

Bottle opener keychain

This keychain is a small metal tool that can be used to open bottles by inserting the metal into the bottle cap and twisting. It is attached to a key ring so that it can be easily carried on a keychain. This type of keychain is often given as a promotional item or as a…

Trolley Coin keychain

This keychain is designed to look like a trolley token, a small coin-like object used in the United Kingdom to pay for public transportation. The keychain is made of metal and has a hole in the center so that it can be attached to a key ring or other object. It is a popular item…

Epoxy keychain

Epoxy keychains are popular promotional items because they are both useful and durable. They are made by combining two substances, epoxy resin and hardener, which are then mixed together to form a thick paste. This paste is then poured into a mold and allowed to harden. The finished product is a keychain that is both…

Enamel Keychain

The enamel keychain is a small, metal keychain that has been covered in a layer of colorful enamel. This type of keychain is popular among collectors and is often used as a decorative item or as a souvenir from a particular location. Enamel keychains are usually made from brass or copper, and the enamel can…

Spinning keychain

The spinning keychain is a popular toy that can be found in many stores. It is made up of a small metal disc with a hole in the center and a metal key ring attached to it. The disc is attached to the key ring by a thin metal chain. When you spin the disc,…

Metal 3D keychain

A metal 3D keychain is a three-dimensional keychain made of metal. It is usually created by a process called die casting, in which a mold is filled with liquid metal that is then allowed to harden. The finished product can be polished and decorated as desired.

PVC 3D keychain

PVC 3D keychain is a three-dimensional (3D) keychain made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. The keychain can be printed using a 3D printer, and the printer can create a variety of designs, including text, logos, and images. PVC 3D keychains are popular promotional items, as they can be personalized with company logos or slogans.

Leather keychain

Leather keychains are popular items that are often given as gifts. They are made from leather, which is a natural material that is durable and long-lasting. Leather keychains come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be personalized with names or initials. They are a popular item for people who appreciate handmade items, and…

PVC keychain

PVC is a type of plastic that is often used to create keychains. It is a durable material that is also relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for this type of product. PVC keychains can be customized with a variety of designs, making them a popular choice for promotional items or as gifts.

Metal keychain

Metal keychains are often used as promotional items. They are generally made out of a lightweight metal, such as aluminum, and can be customized with a company's logo or slogan. Keychains can also be personalized with the owner's name or initials. They are a popular gift for people of all ages, and can be used…

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What kind of custom keychains do you produce?

We have custom metal keychains, custom embroidered keychains, and custom PVC keychains.

What is the most traditional type of keychain?

The most traditional keychain is a metal keychain. That’s the most popular custom keychain option.

Which type of keychain is best for you?

Metal: Metal keychains are constructed in various materials and feature a key loop. They’re a functional and durable keychain option and provide a high-quality look and feel.

PVC: PVC keychains are crafted in different colored plastic polymers and finished with a key loop. They’re a fun and fanciful product and provides the chance to incorporate vibrant colorful elements into your keychain designs.

Will my custom keychains come with packaging?

All keychains come individually packaged with a clear poly bag. For an additional cost, you can also purchase a velvet pouch, velvet box, or an acrylic case.

How do I process with custom keychains?

First, our design team will communicate with you and confirm your ideas.

Secondly, turn your keychain idea into a visual design and discuss and optimize the details with 3D drawings from our designers.

Then, after confirming the design drawings, put your keychain into the first round of sample production.

Further, after you receive the keychain samples, we review the sample quality with you.

Finally, after the first round or multiple rounds of keychain samples pass the quality audit, we start the bulk production and deliver the goods as scheduled.

Can I preview my keychains before bulk production?

Of course! Our team offers not only professional production services, but also advanced drafting and 3D rendering services. You can completely preview your product design with visual drawings for detail optimization before the production drawings of your keychain are confirmed.

This is one part of our standardized service process. After all, our BaiQue factory team is a high level with advanced industrial design capacity and has experience in providing customization services to world-renowned companies, brands and distributors.

Custom Made Keychains

In our factory, custom metal keychains can be produced with any proven metal materials on the market and with any creative process you choose. From economical style keychains for promotional items to high-end positioning beautiful gift keychains, you can find impressive samples in our factory. We supply millions of promotional keychains every year to major world brands such as Mercedes Benz, Skoda, BMW, etc., as well as high-end brands such as LV, Patek Philippe, etc., and countless e-commerce brands with customized keychains. Numerous large scale manufacturing projects and numerous high quality projects have trained our factory team to be an experienced and responsive professional manufacturer.

Professional Keychains Maker

With more than a decade of manufacturing experience, our team is familiar and specialized in any metal jewelry and accessories production processes. Whether it’s making prototypes with such as casting, die-casting, stamping, or CNC machining for engraved keychains, or surface treatment such as polishing, brushing, enameling, laser, etching, plating, etc., all can be done in our production line. Our efficient cost management system, mature process control, strict quality control, and smooth communication and cooperation make it a pleasure to have your custom keychains made by BaiQue accessories.

Choose the Right Keychains Factory for Your Keychain Advertising

Choosing an experienced, skilled and well-managed accessory factory to produce your keychain items is the right first step for your brand advertising and full category sales. The BaiQue team has worked for numerous well-known brands and is the best factory to produce your keychains.

Promotional Logo Key Chain suppliers manufacturer

Promotional logo key chains are a type of promotional product that is used to promote a company or organization. They are typically made out of metal or plastic and have a logo or name of the company or organization printed on them. They are often given away as freebies at trade shows or other events, or can be purchased by consumers. Promotional logo key chains are a popular form of promotional product because they are useful and can be displayed prominently.