Custom Pendants

We specialize in producing a wide variety of pendants for men and women as well as matching your project with a necklace chain that fits the style of the pendant.
Customize your pendant to fit your consistent brand style and make this popular jewelry a profitable addition to your brand. Take advantage of BaiQue factory's supply based on the whole jewelry industry chain, as long as you have an idea, for your custom pendant project, only the sky is the limit for you. No matter what kind of accessories you want, any necklace chains style that you can see in the market or some form of your own invention, you can come here to customize and produce the pendants as well as the necklaces you want.

Custom Necklace Pendant for Your Brands

We specialize in producing a wide variety of pendants for men and women as well as matching your project with a necklace chain that fits the style of the pendant.
Customize your pendant to fit your consistent brand style and make this popular jewelry a profitable addition to your brand. Take advantage of BaiQue factory's supply based on the whole jewelry industry chain, as long as you have an idea, for your custom pendant project, only the sky is the limit for you. No matter what kind of accessories you want, any necklace chains style that you can see in the market or some form of your own invention, you can come here to customize and produce the pendants as well as the necklaces you want.

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Pendants and Necklace that Meet all Markets

We believe that you have a preliminary understanding of our factory production experience through the above, our classification of pendants types and the introduction of various commonly used necklace chains. In fact, we have been specializing in the production of jewelry and accessories for more than ten years, and have extremely mature industry experience in the production and design of various kinds of pendants and necklace chains.
Whatever your pendant and necklace project is planned for, our BaiQue factory team is confident and capable of delivering your project requirements.

Pendant types
Pendant necklace and Chains Types

Of all the pendant necklace classifications, the best way to summarize the various categories would be to divide them into women's and men's pendants. If we want to further subdivide the various types of pendant necklaces, we can divide them according to the main elements that make them up and the characteristics of their shape and structure.

Women and men pendants

The characteristics of women’s pendants include slender, elegant necklaces, colorful stones, sparkling diamonds, a variety of precious or semi-precious stones, rose gold or fashionable gold plating, and abundant accessories, among others.

For men’s pendants, they tend to be more exaggerated in appearance, with solid colors, richly styled totems, rugged necklaces, etc.

Diamond pendants

The most classic diamond pendants are set in a metal body using prong setting, common prong setting, tension setting, pave setting or bezel setting. Because of the generally high cost of diamonds, the metal base for diamond pendants is usually silver or gold. Pendant necklaces with gold and silver as the base material generally require electroplating in order to resist oxidation.

The plating process and the stability control of the plating layer are the criteria for testing the quality of these pendant necklaces. We not only require the plating layer to be anti-oxidation, but most importantly, it should be firm and not easy to fall off, resistant to sweat and durable for years.

Precioius and semi-precious stones pendants

Adorning pendants with world-renowned precious and semi-precious stones, other than diamond pendants, is the practice of high-end as well as mid-to-high-end pendant necklaces.

Pendants such as, emerald pendants, ruby pendants as well as sapphire pendants are demure and high end pendants.

Some crystal pendants, topaz pendants, aquamarine pendants, garnet pendants, moonstone pendants, malachite pendants, amber pendants and pearl pendants and so on are the category of semi-precious stone pendants. These pendants are usually worn for formal occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and business gatherings.

Artificial stones pendants

Artificial stones pendants mainly refers to pendants made of artificial high hardness stones, which mainly are zircon and Swarovski artificial crystal. Zircon is comparable to diamonds, gemstones and semi-precious stones, and is even harder than diamonds, so much so that a layman cannot tell the difference between zircon and diamond.

Zircon pendants are mainly for the middle and low end of the market, and are mostly base with stainless steel or silver. On the market, there are round zircon, oval zircon, pear-shaped zircon, marquis zircon, rectangle zircon, square zircon, triangular zircon and heart-shaped zircon. These different forms of zircon give brands inspiration to design very distinctive fashion pendants. With a wide range of colors, zircon pendants have become even more popular in the market.

Swarovski crystal pendants, on the other hand, have been the best representative of mid-range pendant necklaces in the market due to Swarovski’s brand popularity and the rich colors and natural textures of its products.

Religious pendants

Religious pendants, mainly refers to those pendants with Christian and Jewish iconic crosses and six-maned stars as the main elements. Since Buddhists and Muslims do not have the tradition of wearing jewelry, jewelry about these two major religious beliefs is almost difficult to find in the market.

Today, religious pendants have been no more serious constraints, people can even find a lot of cross or six mans star symbols in the market with element like hiphop, skull and zircon etc.. This makes religious pendants have both the trust of faith and fashionable decoration.

Monogram pendants

Monogram pendants, usually made in pure metal, consist of a single letter or a string of letters with a special meaning. It is a casual pendant that is simple yet expresses individuality.

Stainless steel is the best choice for monogram pendants because of its excellent stability and durability, as well as its relatively low cost.

And if you want something shiny or colorful, zirconia is a good choice to embellish your monogram pendant design.

Long necklace pendants

Long necklace pendants are generally geared towards casual occasions as a fashion accessory. Some of the more common long necklace pendants are tassel pendants, metal pendants and zirconia pendants.

This type of pendant can be a very simple shape or an exaggerated and colorful large size.

Long necklaces and a wide range of accessories make long necklace pendants more susceptible to tangles. Therefore, if you want the necklace to withstand certain tug, you need to use a stronger base metal such as stainless steel to produce the necklace. And you should pay attention to the accessories among the various rings, hooks or links, which need to have a certain strength of support.

Hip Hop pendants

Hip hop pendants, they have a core principle that the more eye-catching, the more exaggerated, as well as the more shiny, the better.

These pendants are usually geared towards hip hop culture lovers as well as consumers who particularly like to show off their personality. Large necklaces, lots of zirconia, gold plating, and attention-grabbing imagery are all key components of hip hop pendants.

In recent years, brands have tended to use stainless steel as the base metal for hip hop pendants, replacing zinc alloy, which is a little less durable and textured.

Nature characters pendants

We call pendants that are made up of images of animals, plants or other elements that can be clearly seen in nature, as nature characters pendants.

These pendants are usually made with metal that occupy a large part of the body and are embellished with a small amount of zircon or enamel.

What are the key factors to consider when pairing your pendant items with matching necklace chains?
Different forms of necklace chains vary in their appearance, reflectivity, stability and the gender for which they are intended. To match your pendant items with the right necklace chains, carefully read the following description of the different forms of necklace chains and you will find the best choice.

Box chains

Box chains are made from repeating square links that are joined together to form a continuous smooth chain, which is cut by people to make them into necklaces. Box chains are a more unisex form of necklace chains that can be worn by both men and women, and are more often given to pendants oriented to the middle market in our industrial production. They come in a variety of widths, the wider ones are most of the time applied in men’s pendant necklaces.

Cable chains

Cable chain is one of the simplest and most commonly used chains. Initially, the thick cable chain was invented for mooring boats. Later, the jewelry industry thought that this structure of chain could be used as a decorative necklace, so this form of necklace chain came into being.

These chains consist of a single oval loop linked to each other and closed. Their wires are flat rather than cylindrical.

Cable chains are simple, but they are often slim and easy to be separated by a large force at the closure of each link, so this form of chain is usually paired with a delicate pendant.

Curb chains

Curb chains are also a very common type of pendant chain. They are made up of a combination of cut and interlocked loops. The design of these chains is intended to give a flatter look to the whole body.

Because they are very masculine in appearance, curb chains are more commonly used in men’s pendant necklaces in practical applications. The wire of this form of chain itself has a thicker diameter, so the curb chain is stronger and more durable.

Rope chains

Named for their appearance as twisted ropes, rope chains are not only aesthetically pleasing but also as durable as their rope namesake. This form of chain is one of the most popular pendant chains worldwide.

Thanks to their construction characteristics, these chains are probably the most durable and least likely to be torn. Therefore, if your pendant project requires consideration of the weight of the pendant itself, rope chains are also a good choice.

However, in industrial production experience, the fine corners of this chain are more difficult for the polishing tools to touch fully, resulting in a mirror finish taken on this chain being inferior than other forms of chain. Though, high quality plating can help to cover up the imperfection of this polishing.

Wheat chains

The wheat chain consists of a series of twisted oval metal links that look as neat, symmetrical and well-proportioned as if they were all woven together. The overall feeling of these aesthetically pleasing chains is like a stalk of wheat, which is why the name Wheat Chain was given to this form of chain.

This tightly interwoven construction makes wheat chains relatively outstanding in terms of torsion resistance. So if you think you need some classic looking and practical chains to match your pendants, wheat chains are definitely a choice you will not regret.

Snake chains

You only have to look at the snake chain for a few seconds to see why the inventor named it so – it looks very much like the appearance of a snake and feels like it’s shifting like a snake when you swing it around.

The snake chain is very compact but very smooth and flexible. We can’t even see any clear boundaries between the individual units of the chain. To be more precise, the snake chain is more like a rope than other chains with distinct links.

Snake chains are durable and resistant to twisting, they are difficult to tear and do not catch hair easily, and they are also very easy to clean, making them a good choice for everyday wear.

Figaro chains

The Figaro chain looks like a variation of the curb chain, and the appearance of the individual units that make up the whole is not very different from the curb chain. If you look at each link carefully, you can see that some of them are longer than the other short links, which is the characteristic of figaro chain.

In terms of application, this type of chain also tends to be used for men’s pendants. However, the slimmer Figaro chains, such as 1.3mm wire diameter, are often used on women’s pendants.

Figaro chains are also very durable and resistant to breakage. However, because of the special arrangement of long links and short links, it is troublesome for consumers to repair the whole chain by discarding the damaged links. Simply discarding one or two of the links will mess up the arrangement of long and short links.

Singapore chains

Singapore chains are a chain structure that can reflect from multiple angles. It looks like there are many tiny links twisted together, and because of the relatively large number of each individual unit, its possession of extension makes it as soft as liquid when one fiddles with it.

But also because the Singapore chain links are relatively small, they are less resistant to tugging and cannot be paired with too heavy a pendant. Also, when Singapore chains are knotted, it is not easy to straighten them out again.

It is a kind of chain with outstanding advantages (reflective from many angles, very eye-catching), but also obvious disadvantages (average tear resistance, not easy to take care of).

Bead chains

A bead chain, as the name implies, is a series of small beads connected by metal wires to form a chain. Between the individual bead units that make up this form of chain, there are large or small spaces, so the movement of the bead chain is very flexible.

This kind of chain, they are generally used with simple metal tag-type pendants, which are more fitting for cool as well as street style. However, the tear resistance of this kind of chain is very general, and the metal connecting wire between each individual unit is easy to be torn off.

Mariner chains

Mariner chains, originally designed for large ship anchors as well, because this structure is very solid. This form of chain, which is very thick in appearance, is generally used for men’s pendants.

On the market, there are also many brands that sell mariner chains as stand-alone jewelry, because this structure does have a certain decorative character as well.

Herringbone Chain

The herringbone chain consists of very thin and flat metal units, like herring bones made of woven metal. Each of its small knuckle bones is bent in the center.

This type of chain, which is quite strong but inflexible, has the advantage of appearing to be one piece. In practice, we also rarely find customers prefer to use this kind of chain with pendants. herringbone chains are more commonly found on key chains and bracelets.

Rolo chains

It can be said that the rolo chain is a variation of the cable chain, which is composed of perfectly round links while the cable chain has oval links.

Compared with cable chain, rolo chain has a similar structure and its pulling resistance is very good, but the appearance of rolo chain tends to be more feminine.

Pendants and Necklaces Manufacturer

Our BaiQue factory has experience in producing over 5,000 designs of pendants and necklaces, and we ship over one million sets of these products to our customers every year.
With a modern and advanced factory, sophisticated facilities, professional staff and excellent service, the BaiQue team is your best choice to implement your custom pendants projects. Talk to us about what type of pendant you want and what chain you want to pair with your pendant project. You can get an overview of our factory’s division of pendant types and what appearance of chains you should consider to use by reviewing on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions about pendants below; however, if you need additional help, please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help!

Can I order universal necklace chains for different pendants?

This is an option that many of our customers often use, but with the caveat that with the generic chain necklaces you love, they are removable to match your pendant rather than needing to be secured to the pendant.

We also often offer our customers different designs of pendants with universal chains to provide a variety of sales options, which pleases the consumer and saves the brand some money on inventory. By using multiple universal chains and a variety of pendants that can be matched, this approach will make your sales efforts easier.
How to avoid colors fading on necklaces and pendants?

Because consumers wear necklaces and pendants close to their bodies, many poorly made products use base metal materials that can appear to react chemically with sweat, as well as coatings, thus causing the product to fade. This phenomenon seriously and negatively affects the image of brand quality.

Our factory’s consistent style is that we would rather not accept orders than use inferior materials to make jewelry and accessories, so as not to cause irreparable reputational damage to our customers.
To avoid the problem of fading and surface oxidation of pendants and necklaces, we have different recommendations for products positioned in different market segments.
For medium-end fashion pendants and necklaces, we usually recommend our customers to use stainless steel as the base material for the production of the products, thus eliminating rusting and corrosion by sweat from the source. If you are considering color plating for such medium to high end products, then PVD plating is the best choice. Because the chemical stability and scratch resistance of PVD plating is the best performance among all plating technologies on the market.
If you are considering customizing your pendants and chains with gold and silver, we recommend TIN gold or rhodium plating to protect the surface of the product once it has been polished. Pure genuine gold with TIN plating and ultra-stable rhodium plating are the best protection for high-end products.
In addition, we have many sophisticated protection techniques to keep your custom pendants and chains from fading.
How to make a custom pendant?

Just like many other jewelry and accessories, we make pendants by first making the blanks, then roughing them, then rough polishing and fine finishing them, and then fitting them with accessories (such as various stones, enamel, etc.).
We have casting, die-casting, CNC machining and stamping methods to make the pendant, depending on the details of the pendant and the precision required.
The finish is either brushed, mirror or sandblasted, depending on the design of the product.
For stone setting, we have prong setting, common prong setting, tension setting, pave setting or bezel setting, etc., which are very mature and common processes.
Come talk to the BaiQue factory team about your project and have a relaxing and enjoyable experience every step of the way.

How to custom pendant charms for you necklaces?

In our factory, you have a lot of choices for charm necklace. From the most simple and fashionable charms to those full of embellished elements, from high-end gold and silver materials to popular and practical stainless steel materials, from the most commonly used chains of various sizes to different accessories of all shapes and sizes, you can get it all here.

All your custom design options can be found here for a satisfactory solution. Contact our factory specialists now and let us communicate professionally for your custom pendant charms.

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