Custom Packaging Inserts for Boxes

Protect and showcase your products in style with meticulously engineered custom inserts. Always engineered for a perfect fit.
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Custom Box Inserts for Every Occasion

Open up the possibilities with our large selection of packaging inserts and insert inlays. All our inserts are professionally engineered and designed by meticulously measuring the size and shape of your products to produce form fit packaging that will reduce unnecessary product shake and displacement.

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Custom Box Inserts Made To Any Shape And Size

Have the best of both worlds and capture your customers' attention by showing the level of detail and care when showcasing your products while providing maximum protection. Our engineers ensure your products are measured and fitted snugly no matter what shape, size, or even material you choose to provide the perfect cushioning for your products.

Foam Finishes

PU Foam

Soft-to-touch with excellent protective qualities, often used for smaller products.

PE Foam

Commonly used for larger industrial equipment.

EVA Foam

High-density froam allowing for applications including lamination, and die-cutting.

ESD Foam

Anti-static foam primarily used for packaging electronic products.

Egg Crate Foam

Greatest protective qualities with superb resistance against rough shipping.

Thick Wall

Moderate detail and definition.

Transfer Mold

High speed mold for basic items with moderate detail.


Highly defined and smoothed surface.


Varying range of detail and definition.


High-impact polystyrene with excellent rigidity and versatility.


Chemical and corrosion resistant poly-vinyl chloride.


Lightweight polyethylene teraphthalate-glycol. Food & medical safe.


White paperboard coated on 1 side.


White paperboard coated on both sides.

SBS (Uncoated)

Matte white paperboard uncoated.

Kraft Paper

Durable paperboard made of virgin pulp fibers.

Art Paper

Color dyed paper suitable for all printing and finishes.

CCNB (Duplex Board)

Recycled paperboard option with semi-gloss white clay coating.

Metallic Paperboard

Paperboard treated with a varying metallic finish.

Textured Paperboard

Paperboard treated with different textured finishes.

Bleached Corrugated

Uncoated white surface and fluting.

Kraft Corrugated

Uncoated natural kraft surface and fluting.


Fiber powder applied to any surface allowing for a soft velvety touch.

Paperboard Lamination

Additional paperboard glued to the foam surface.

Professional Customized Product Manufacturer

Tailored one-on-one consultation from ideation to production with a dedicated product specialist to help you get through initial design to delivery without any hassle. Our mission is to provide you and your customer the best unboxing experience!

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