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Custom Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets can feature both stone and wooden beads. They provide a unique way to wear a little color on your arm and fit practically any wrist.
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Professional Beaded Bracelets Manufacturer

With more than a decade of manufacturing experience, our team is familiar and specialized in any metal jewelry and accessories production processes. Whether we are making prototypes for engraving, casting, die-casting, stamping, or CNC machining for engraved keychains, or surface treatment such as polishing, brushing, enameling, laser, etching, plating, etc., all can be done in our production line. Our efficient cost management system, mature process control, strict quality control, strict quality control and smooth communication and cooperation.

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12+ Years

Jewelry and Accessories OEM/ODM manufacture experience

150+ Workers

Skilful and experienced team-working

4 Production Lines

From promotional to fashion items From economic to luxury brands

4500+ Designs

Covering all fashion Jewelry and Accessoires

5000+ Square Meters

BaiQue’s plant for manufacturing Self-owned manufacturing capacity

22 CNC 18 NCT Machines

Highly efficient with competitive cost control Standard processing with quick action